Saturday, 23 April 2016

GK quiz

 GK quiz

Time to revise your Daily GK update

1. The Scientists recently estimated the age of the moon around ----- Billion years.
A. 4.36
B. 3.36
C. 5.34
Ans: A

2. Which of the following are infected by foot and mouth disease ?
A. Cats
B. Cattle
C. Dogs
D. Poultry
Ans: B

3. Which one of the following disease is caused by bacteria ?
A. Hepatitis B
B. Poliomyelitis
C. Scabies
D. Tuberculosis
Ans: D

4. Which one of the following is vector for KALA-AZAR disease ?
A. Housefly
B. Sandfly
C. Aedes mosquito
D. Anopheles Mosquitos
Ans: B
5. In terms of organic evolution, which one of the following is more advanced than the other three ?
A. Bat
B. Pigeon
C. Ostrich
D. Vulture
Ans: A
6. Night blindness can be corrected by the intake of ?
A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin B Complex
C. Vitamin C
D. Vitamin D
Ans: A

7. Which one of the enzymes is found in human saliva ?
A. Trypsin
B. Pepsin
C. Ptyalin
D. Rennin
Ans: C

8.Which one of the following element is essential for the transmission of Nerve impulses in nerve fibers of Human body ?
A. Calcium
B. Iron
C. Sodium
D. Zinc
Ans: C

9. In the human body, the red blood cells are produced in ?
A. Liver
B. Voluntary Muscles
C. Pancreas
D. Bone marrow
Ans: D

10. The purpose of Genetically modifying brinjal and cotton as Bt-Brinjal, Bt-Cotton was to make them ?
A. Drought resistant
B. High yielding
C. Pest resistant
D. Short-duration crops

1. Who is the CEO and MD of ICICI Bank?

Ans: Chanda Kochhar

2. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a major push to medical and health sector inaugurated a 230 bedded super specialty hospital at Kakriyal near Katra,in the state of?

Ans: Jammu and Kashmi

3. The Competition Appellate Tribunal (Compat) stayed penalties totalling Rs 256 crore imposed by Competition Commission of India (CCI) on which Airways for fuel surcharge collusion?

Ans: Jet Airways, IndiGo and SpiceJet 

4. In order to check sale of spurious liquor, the which state Government has decided to make it mandatory to have a hologram on every alcohol bottle manufactured and sold in the State?

Ans: Maharashtra

5. The 14th meeting of Foreign Minister of India, Russia and China was held at which place?

Ans: Moscow

6. Who is appointed as Additional Director General in the CRPF?

Ans: Deepak Mishra

7. Name the Silicon valley coach and mentor, who has passed away recently?

Ans: William Bill Campbell 

8. Who is the present Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh?

Ans: Kalikho Pul

9. Where is the headquarter of National Housing Bank (NHB)?

Ans: New Delhi

10. What is the tagline of Allahabad Bank?

Ans: A tradination of trust


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